Systems -
is a comprehensive platform for carrying out and monitoring the events,
that combines an extensive functionality and ease of interaction
4 stages of successful

Event branding
and style

Our team will develop a corporate style of your event. We will prepare and help to place the registration form for the participants on the website of the organizer, or create a separate site on website.


After registration all participants will be notified by e-mail and SMS, member personal cabinet is automatically generated. Organizer accesses data of participants, based on this information builds logistics of the whole event and personally of each participant.

Real-time control

Member personal cabinet gives the ability to control the number of registered participants, transfers, flights, hotel accommodation, insurance and meals,enables to make changes in the program, adjust the composition of the participants and other components of the event.

One click report

Throughout the event organizer receives all necessary information and statistical reporting. Formation of statistical reports for selected groups of participants, attendance of various components of the event.
Analysis of the data gives a new level of control, enables to measure the attendance and efficiency.

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